Monday, May 26, 2008

Riding a Bike is Good for the Soul

Scott and I are vacationing in Sunriver right now and having the time of our lives. :-)

The past couple days we have been bike riding and boy! aren't we sore?!

In fact, the last time I rode my bike was in Germany...nearly 8 years ago (gah!). So many memories came to mind. I remembered riding through forests, fields, and adorable sleepy German town. When Julia and I were riding through the forest, we came to a small abandoned concrete building with very few windows which we believed was used during WWII.

The forest was incredibly beautiful, but there was something distinct about it. You could feel battle. I looked around me and saw so many tall trees, war, pain, and suffering. I felt the blood of the dead crying out. It's incredible that the land still holds onto those cries.

As I rode through Sunriver, I didn't feel any feelings of pain and suffering. It was serene, calming and beautiful.

God is good. I'm glad that I experienced the bike ride through Germany and the bike ride here. LORD, thank you for my ability to be active. I love You.

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