Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm in the process of reading "Prince Caspian" right now. I've been on a mission to read each of the Chronicles of Narnia for some time now (I'm just really taking my time. :-) ).

While reading these Chronicles, I can't help but get a special thrill from them because, well, you see...Aslan=Jesus.

And, if you have been reading these fantastic novels, but don't see it, let me explain:
Aslan was there at the creation of Narnia ("The Magician's Nephew"). In "The LW&W", Aslan sacrifices himself to die for the Narnians and then rises again (notice also that he spent time in the woods before his capture. Also, please note that Aslan repeatedly exclaims that he is turning himself over....no one is making him do it).

Incredible, I say!

So, while i read "Prince Caspian", I feel wonderful knowing that there is a deeper meaning to the story because it's really about Christ and his love for us.


CS Lewis is magnificent.

So...I highly suggest you read these Chronicles. It will change your life.

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